ARTINA™ unveiling during ENTELEC 2023

ARTINA unveiling ENTELEC 2023 at CISCO and RED HAT booth

Attention ENTELEC attendees! Excited to announce that Cisco and Red Hat will be showcasing the latest technology at their booths. Come witness the unveiling of Cheetah’s ARTINA™ revolutionary software platform that can take your network performance to the next level.

Cheetah’s ARTINA™ is an advanced analytics software solution that has been developed to enhance the speed and efficiency of your network operations. This software is designed to identify in real-time the source of performance issues to enable increased network reliability and safety.

At the Cisco and Red Hat booth, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand how ARTINA™ can benefit your organization. Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the software and demonstrate its capabilities.

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Cheetah thumbnail

Earth Day Cheetah thumbnail

Today we’re thrilled to celebrate Earth day alongside more than 1 billion people in 192 countries around the globe! (more…)

Cheetah Networks now part of Chevron Technology Ventures’ Catalyst Program

Chevron Tech Ventures Post thumbnail

Cheetah Networks announces it has been selected to join Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) Catalyst Program, (more…)

Cheetah Networks’ Success Journey at Area X.O

Cheetah Networks Inc. has been actively analyzing and monitoring, in real-time, the Quality of Experience (QoE) across a number of technologies at Area X.O. It has been an incredible opportunity to test and develop our solution within a diverse and rugged outdoor network environment.

Read more about our journey at Area X.O


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Take Network Monitoring and Management to the Next Level

Network operators rely on network management systems (NMS) and network element management systems (NEMS) to troubleshoot network issues, optimize performance, and plan ahead. These systems and tools provide data from the network on a per-element basis—for example, per host, router, terminal server, etc.—and sometimes by network area, such as edge, core, or cloud.  

Each tool also provides some degree of analysis and, often, proactive alerts and alarms to facilitate proactive network management. By analyzing the feedback these tools provide, network administrators can promote change. 

What these systems are unable to do is provide visualization of the end-user (person or machine) experience on the network.  

Rather than reinventing the wheel with more monitoring and management software, Cheetah Networks focuses on the flow of traffic through the entire network. The PulseView™ Solution complements NMS and NEMS with a tool that provides immediate value to the entire business. 


Rather than reinventing the wheel with more monitoring and management software, Cheetah Networks focuses on the flow of traffic through the entire network.”


PulseView™ delivers a vendor-agnostic, real-time network QoE score from the edge-to the clous, across all an operator’s public and private 4G, 5G, and Cat-M networks. ARTINA™ is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine behind PulseView that analyses and correlates at machine speed what people, machines, and applications are actually experiencing from the network. 

With ARTINA’s actionable, real-time network analytics delivered via PulseView’s single-pane-of-glass, network operators can go beyond network troubleshooting and optimization based on historical information. Now, it is possible to: 

  • Use a real-time Quality of Experience scorecard to make decisions throughout the business 
  • See what is and is not working in the network, in real-time 
  • Identify immediate problem areas and pinpoint network issues by location 
  • Plan networks in real-time with instantaneous feedback on configuration decisions 
  • Detect and pre-empt festering network problems 

Contact Cheetah Networks to learn the QoE score of your network. 


A Whole New Ballgame: Measuring the Perception of Quality in a Network

A Whole New Ballgame: Measuring the Perception of Quality in a Network

For public and private network operators, the old adage, “you can’t measure what you can’t see”, has traditionally been addressed with vendor- and equipment-specific systems and tools. (more…)

Artificial Intelligence: The Secret Sauce to Correlate Comprehensive Performance Analytics in Complex Networks

Artificial Intelligence in complex networks

Heterogenous is the new normal in today’s wireless networks. This is especially relevant in hybrid and private industrial networks, like those owned and operated by oil and gas, mining, and utility companies. These heterogenous networks feature common complexities: (more…)

Major international Oil and Gas Company to Leverage Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution

O&G thumbnail

O&G thumbnail
A major oil and gas company is working with Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution. (more…)

Cheetah Networks Announces PulseView™ Solution 3.0

pulseview solution 3.0

pulseview solution 3.0

Version 3.0 of our PulseView™ Solution is now available. Release 3.0 delivers the solution’s most broadly applicable (more…)