Proud To Be An Area X.0 Collaborator: Real-Time IoT Network Analytics In a Dynamic Environment

Cheetah Networks was one of the early collaborators to have its technology incorporated into Ottawa’s Area X.0 (formerly called “L5”) smart-city network. (more…)

Real-Time IoT Analytics versus IoT Data-Mining Analytics

Analytics for IoT (the Internet of Things) is a hot topic within the ever-increasing Analytics discussions now happening in multiple industries. “What’s the difference between Real-Time IoT Analytics and IoT Data-Mining Analytics?” (more…)

Cheetah Networks Enters Third Year Innovating IoT Analytics

Cheetah Networks Third year anniversary event

Cheetah Networks turns three years old this week. In start-up years, we’re young adults! (more…)

Cheetah Networks Announces Funding from GTAN and OPN & GTAN funding announcement

Cheetah Networks is pleased to announce new investment, advisory, and networking support from members of GTAN and Open People Network (OPN). (more…)