Redefining Network Visualization for Quality of Experience

Network Visualization for Quality of Experience

Every private and public network operator today needs the ability to visualize not just how the network is performing but also how that performance impacts the business, machines, and people connected to it. This view is known as Quality of Experience (QoE). Network equipment and network implementations are not traditionally designed to provide end-to-end visibility….

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QoS vs. QoE: Demystifying Quality of Service and Quality of Experience  


Every public or private network operator needs to understand how its network is performing for its customers. Although operators configure QoS ( Quality of Service) parameters throughout their network infrastructures, the EXPERIENCE of the network is ultimately the customer’s and is referred to as Quality of Experience (QoE).

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Cheetah Networks and TELUS Complete Multi-City Pilot of Innovative IoT Network Analytics Solution

Cheetah Networks and TELUS

Cheetah Networks’ actionable, real-time, edge-to-cloud IoT network analytics provides enhanced customer experience for TELUS’ IoT solutions.  The Cheetah Networks team recently completed the first phase of an innovative collaboration with TELUS to improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) the national carrier’s customers receive on its world-class IoT network.  Over the past year, TELUS piloted the PulseView™ Solution to visualize in real-time the QoE its IoT customers’ experience. QoE is a critical metric for industrial-grade or mission-critical IoT connectivity applications.   TELUS’ dedicated…

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Proud To Be An Area X.0 Collaborator: Real-Time IoT Network Analytics In a Dynamic Environment

Cheetah Networks was one of the early collaborators to have its technology incorporated into Ottawa’s Area X.0 (formerly called “L5”) smart-city network.

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Real-Time IoT Analytics versus IoT Data-Mining Analytics

Analytics for IoT (the Internet of Things) is a hot topic within the ever-increasing Analytics discussions now happening in multiple industries. “What’s the difference between Real-Time IoT Analytics and IoT Data-Mining Analytics?” is a question we frequently hear.  This post offers a high-level perspective on these two types of IoT Analytics.  Definitions 1. IoT Data-Mining Analytics is the traditional way of conducting analytics. It focuses on the analysis and measurement of data mined…

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