Artificial Intelligence: The Secret Sauce to Correlate Comprehensive Performance Analytics in Complex Networks

1 June 2021

Heterogenous is the new normal in today’s wireless networks. This is especially relevant in hybrid and private industrial networks, like those owned and operated by oil and gas, mining, and utility companies. These heterogenous networks feature common complexities:

CNI solution diagram

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  • Span multiple regions, including different countries
  • Comprise disparate multi-vendor equipment and Quality of Service (QoS) tools
  • Traverse multiple region-specific public networks and operators
  • Connect an exponentially growing number of connected machines and sensors
  • Deliver critical services and applications that monitor health, safety, and environment (HSE)

Public network operators also face increasingly complex networks and customer requirements, particularly as they support growing demand for reliable IoT/IIoT service.

With these demands on the rise, operators need comprehensive, real-time Quality of Experience scorecards (QoE) that roll-up performance across the network, from edge to cloud, and multiple OSI layers. Real-time, machine-speed edge-to-cloud network analytics is the only possible means to achieve this kind of network analysis, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


Cheetah Networks, achieves this with an AI engine we call ARTINA™. ARTINA™ gathers network performance intelligence from lightweight PulseAgents™ stationed at the edge, and the cloud(s). ARTINA™ does the heavy lifting, correlating the raw data in real-time and delivering it to the PulseView™ GUI, a single pane of glass accessible to all network and business stakeholders.

As the solution’s actionable network intelligence expands, so too do the opportunities for network operators. These are a few of the decisions and actions network operators can take with confidence based on the PulseView™ Solution’s visualization and Quality of Experience scores:

  • See what is working and what isn’t, in real-time and exactly where in the network (by region, protocols, network function, devices, applications, clouds, and by vendor)
  • Immediately identify issues, changes in performances and pinpoint network issues by location
  • Improve network planning with instantaneous feedback on decisions such as configuration changes, edge compute, and more
  • Detect festering problems to predict and proactively pre-empt network issues
  • Provide correlated data on a single pane of glass.

PulseView™ Solution’s customers continuously realize valuable new operational and business benefits thanks to having ARTINA™ AI working for them.

Contact us to elevate your network with AI and ML hard at work for you within your complex networks.