Cheetah Networks and TELUS Complete Multi-City Pilot of Innovative IoT Network Analytics Solution

10 November 2020

Cheetah Networks’ actionable, real-time, edge-to-cloud IoT network analytics provides enhanced customer experience for TELUS’ IoT solutions. 

The Cheetah Networks team recently completed the first phase of an innovative collaboration with TELUS to improve the Quality of Experience (QoEthe national carrier’s customers receive on its world-class IoT network. 

Over the past year, TELUS piloted the PulseView™ Solution to visualize in real-time the QoE its IoT customers experience. QoE is a critical metric for industrial-grade or mission-critical IoT connectivity applications.  

TELUS dedicated IoT network supports connected devices and integrated solutions that help businesses decrease costs, increase revenue and monitor resources, such as vehicle tracking and fleet managementenergy management, remote worker alert and assist, and others. 

In these environments, network-uptime metrics are essential, along with proactive detection and correlation. Cheetah Networks’ patented AI and machinelearning techniques automate the collection and multi-layer correlation of network events and present them on a single pane of glass, as-it-happens, for the entire organization to see and act on. Critically for TELUSthe PulseView™ solution provides this unprecedented visibility without compromising data privacy. 

TELUS’ pilot demonstrates actionable, real-time, IoT network analytics enable telecommunication network operators to immediately see and respond to network issues proactively wherever they originate—even within complex IoT environment. This is possible because the PulseView™ Solution analyses heterogenous network infrastructure from the network’s edge all the way to both public and private clouds.  

“In the coming years we will see the promise of IoT solutions and smart connected devices become fully realized with the deployment of 5G networks,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, TELUS. “Our pilot project with Cheetah Networks will help us deliver an exceptional customer experience through their advanced network analytics platform.”    

Our mission at Cheetah Networks on behalf of telecommunications network operators is to improve the IoT Quality of Experience (QoE) that can be delivered over 4G networks and in preparation for 5G.  

The PulseView™ Solution enables operators like TELUS to easily identify the source of QoE issues in a specific and timely manner. Real-time, actionable analytics dramatically increase the network operators responsiveness to customers with the potential to resolve QoE issues in real-time. The analytics can also be used to optimize network infrastructure, identify trends, predict and pre-empt network down-time in the future. 

Through opportunities to collaborate with partners that operate complex networks—such as TELUS and Area X.0—we continue to validate, expand, and harden the PulseView™ Solution.