The PulseView™ solution provides insightful, actionable analytics for IoT network providers, industry network operators, and enterprises.

PulseView™ Screnshot

Telecom Networks

Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution helps telecommunications providers improve IoT Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered over 4G in preparation for 5G.

Predictive services to avoid outages

Improve the QoE delivered by the IoT network with the ability to view and understand the subscriber’s experience

Scale IoT

Accurately an immediately identify, isolate, and correlate network-related issues occurring in any part of a heterogenous network, viewed on a single pane of glass

New customers

Optimize IoT network infrastructure with unprecedented visibility and real-time analytics

Edge to Cloud network optimization

Enhance competitive edge and differentiate service offerings with a real-time QoE dashboard

PulseView™ enables telecommunications network managers to isolate connectivity issues in real-time, identify trends, predict and pre-empt network down-time.

Provide Better IoT Experiences

To optimize efficiencies, fleet managers want real-time access to in-vehicle sensor data. With PulseView™, operators can provide reliable, low-latency IoT connectivity that supports fleet customers to reduce costs, provide accurate delivery times, and optimize logistics.

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As goods move from producers to consumers, logistics enterprises need to track goods in real-time. With PulseView™, operators can deliver faster networks and lower latency, supporting their customers with tighter, more predictable supply chains.

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Telehealth is already a reality, and services like remote surgery wait in the wings. PulseView™ can enable operators to assure low latency and high reliability while predicting and pre-empting connectivity issues in these mission-critical applications.

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Industrial Networks

PulseView™ helps oil and gas, mining, utilities, and manufacturing companies maintain the reliability of mission-critical public/private industrial IoT networks.

Predictive services to avoid outages

Accurately and immediately identify, isolate, and correlate network-related issues, from the edge to the cloud

Scale IoT

Optimize HSE, security, and operations networks with real-time issue reporting and impact correlation across systems

New customers

View and understand reliability and uptime across heterogenous networks on a single pane of glass

Human/Machine learning

Gain instant, real-time visibility on the QoE delivered to machines and people

Stay on Top of IIoT Delivery

Optimize industrial networks, from IoT sensors to the data centre or cloud. PulseView™ leverages the data from IoT-enabled systems to help keep operations running without interruption.

Track and secure assets with accuracy by ensuring network reliability, performance, and uptime. PulseView™ leverages IoT sensor data to support real-time tracking of networked assets.

Ensure safety, security, and performance of autonomous machines. PulseView™ collects time-critical sensor data to help autonomous systems take the best actions.

Enterprise Networks

PulseView™ helps enterprise CIOs deliver the best possible IoT network performance and reliability based on the highest level of visibility.

Predictive services to avoid outages

Improve Quality of Experience for people and machines with unprecedented visibility into the entire network, from edge to cloud

Scale IoT

Isolate connectivity, congestion, and network supplier issues in real-time

New customers

Predict re-occurring connectivity issues and proactively prevent repeat occurrences

Edge to Cloud network optimization

Support the evolving IS/IT architecture with comprehensive and insightful data about the network, from edge to cloud

Improve IoT System Reliability

With networks increasingly supporting a diverse workforce and geography, IT departments need data about the entire network—wireless and wired—to support the business. PulseView™ provides actionable insight into the cause of issues and isolates problem areas.

Supporting the business includes optimizing the network. PulseView™ provides IT with insightful data about the entire network, from end-user access to data centre or cloud. Actionable analytics about performance and usage support ongoing optimization.

Productivity and connectivity go hand-in-hand. PulseView™ enables IT to better support the business with reliable connectivity and quality of service. The analytics also support decisions about network assets and end-use applications.