Cheetah Networks Announces PulseView™ Solution 3.0

pulseview solution 3.0

Version 3.0 of our PulseView™ Solution is now available. Release 3.0 delivers the solution’s most broadly applicable analytics and usability to date through a completely redesigned user interface, inspired by our customer’s feedback. The improved single-pane-of-glass interface makes network analytics easily accessible to network operators as well as business leaders, network users, and other stakeholders throughout the business.PULSEVIEW UI

As a reminder, PulseView™ empowers customers to visualize the QoE experienced by people, machines, and applications connected to a public or private network. Through the PulseView™ interface, all users can visualize, at a glance, the QoE of services, applications, and users on the network.

We use AI and machine learning to correlate all network events into a single view. Network operators and other technical users can receive real-time incident alarms and can quickly drill-down and perform specific queries, by date, location, edge device/PulseAgent™, cloud, and more.

Release 3.0 also expands the range of services that PulseView™ provides QoE analytics for, including: Rest & broker (IoT) services; VoIP, SMS, transport-layer, and physical-layer. PulseView™ visualizes QoE for these services across the entire network, from edge to cloud.

The PulseView™ solution leverages Cheetah Networks’ innovative AI-driven analytics engine, ARTINA™. ARTINA™ (Actionable Real-Time IoT Network Analytics) is the real-time intelligence engine that gathers and correlates events and analytics from anywhere in the network.  ARTINA™ AI is lightweight and efficient, operating independently of the underlying network infrastructure and service providers, and across sites, regions, countries, or continents.

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