Support for LTE and 5G Network operators

Expert IoT Consulting & Design

The PulseView™ solution grew from our extensive expertise and innovation in helping network operators better understand and monetize their 4G and 5G networks. We provide these consulting and design services to network operators.

Network Characterization

We characterize the edge-to-cloud connectivity of emerging mobile or fixed networks.

Using machine learning, AI, and analytics, we can rapidly characterize complex networks and provide operators with metrics that are both comprehensive and actionable, pinpointing specific performance issues or risks.

IoT Consulting

We help network operators make the best decisions about new technology and cost trade-offs early in the IoT planning process.  

Our expertise covers RAN protocol selection, Cloud Zone selection, sensor deployment, and performance optimization.

Solution Design

We help network operators get IoT concepts into customers’ hands quickly.

Our quick-turn proof-of-concept design service for IoT solutions and purpose-built applications enables concept- and customer-validation prior to entering commercialization phase.

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