Monetize your LTE and 5G Networks

PulseView™ Solution

Edge-to-cloud IoT Quality of Experience analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables new applications that enterprise customers want to leverage. To serve them, network operators need to assure reliable performance.

Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution provides edge-to-cloud network analytics so operators can rapidly turn-up new customers and services, assure quality, and monetize LTE and 5G networks.

  • Unique edge-to-cloud analytics solutions for network visualization
  • Identifies source of QoE issues for rapid resolution
  • Ensures reliable customer experience from day 1 service turn-up
  • Enables network optimization for IoT connectivity and wireless infrastructure
  • Reduces truck rolls by isolating problems

How it works

Machine learning and AI gather intelligence from edge to cloud

Our intelligent, adaptive software agents gather data throughout the network. Then, advanced data analytics deliver actionable metrics for operators to assure Quality of Experience (QoE). Because the analytics cover the whole network—edge to cloud—operators can assure service for complex IoT connections across LTE and 5G networks.

Iot Cloud Network Diagram

Service Turn-up

Simulate and test IoT services before customers go live

Using the PulseView™ solution, network operators can simulate and test IoT application connectivity for faster IoT service turn-up. That means delivering an always-reliable network experience from Day-1 sale. Real-time analytics on thousands of sensors across multiple regions can be used to understand potential performance issues before a customer experiences them.

Network Analytics

Ensure successful customer activation and ongoing network optimization

PulseView™ delivers the analytics network operators need to assure always-reliable, low-latency IoT connectivity for enterprise and industry customers. They can continuously monitor and optimize the performance of these networks, from edge to cloud.


Use Cases

Every industry wants to leverage the power of IoT for business improvement

New end-user applications that use real-time data depend on reliable, always on, low-latency Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. PulseView™ can speed the adoption of IoT applications and connectivity in a variety of industries and use cases, including


In-vehicle IoT sensors and devices collect data fleet managers need to optimize efficiencies. Reliable, low-latency IoT connectivity will enable the real-time data needed to provide accurate delivery times, optimal route information, and to reducing fuel and insurance costs.


Real-time tracking of goods as they move from producers to consumers will be possible with IoT sensors. With faster networks and lower latency, enterprises will run tighter, more predictable supply chains that ultimately will bring value to consumers.


Remote healthcare services such are already new realities. IoT-enabled devices will enable services such as remote surgery. In these cases, low-latency, highly reliable connectivity will be truly “mission-critical”—a matter of life and death.


Sensors in cars generate reams of data about temperature, location, traffic conditions, proximity, and more. Real-time connectivity with low latency will be vital for time-critical data to be collected and acted upon by self-driving vehicles.

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