PulseView™ Solution Overview

Cheetah Networks gives operators of public and private networks unprecedented visibility into the Quality of Experience of machines and people at the edge of the network.

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Only the Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution is driven by ARTINA™ AI.

ARTINA (Actionable Real-Time IoT Network Analytics) solves the network operator’s challenge of delivering QoE at scale and in real-time. It is the intelligence engine of Cheetah’s PulseView™ Solution, which is used by network operators, business leaders, network users,and other stakeholders to visualize the QoE experienced by people, machines, and applications connected to a public or private network.


leverage software-based agents that use machine learning and AI to monitor your network’s performance.

No More Guess Work

Receive actionable data in real-time that provide you with clear visibility to your network.


Our PulseAgent™ sensors are neutral and non-interfering.

Visualize QoE of Machines and People on Your Network

Gain end-to-end visibility & ability to detect anomalies before they impact the machines and users relying on your network.


Our lightweight and neutral PulseAgent™ sensors work from edge-to-cloud and provide you with real-time data through PulseDirector™. Giving you the ability to gain clear visibility to your entire network through a single pane of glass


Receive network stats, outage notifications, alarms, quick stats, and QoE heatmap all in a single pane of glass More features include; Real-time mode and historical search , automated reporting and agent QoE by service layer.
geographical display of location and service state
visualize the QoE path


Network stats on the go! Monitor UE device QoE and understand how the network could be affecting your ability to reach a team-member

PulseEdge™ 5G

Provides operators of public and private networks the ability to understand in real-time the Quality of Experience as well as detect channel interference. This device coupled with our market-leading ARTINA™ analytics platform provides customers unprecedented visibility into their wireless IoT experience.

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Case Study: Smart City

Find out how Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution pinpoints issues in Ottawa’s smart-city network.

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Learn how the PulseView™ Solution responds to the challenges of ensuring QoE in IoT networks.


Read what lead customers have to say about the value Cheetah Networks PulseView™ Solution provides in their environments.

In the coming years we will see the promise of IoT solutions and smart connected devices become fully realized with the deployment of 5G networks. Our pilot project with Cheetah Networks will help us deliver an exceptional customer experience through their advanced network analytics platform."

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